Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wild Animal Safari

While in Pine Mountain, we went on a Wild Animal Safari. I know it is in the middle of no where and you are sure it is a hoax, but I am here to tell you it is a real wild animal safari. I have been twice now, and it was fun and exciting both times. Although Noah won't remember it, he had a blast! They take you around in a zebra painted school bus and the animals come up to the bus and eat food out of your hands!
This water buffalo and his gang greated us as we entered the gate in the zebra bus. The were all quite eager to eat the treats we had for them. This cute elk ate right out of my hand! Noah loved seeing the animals come right up to the window, but he wouldn't give them the food. He kept putting it on the windowsil for them.Yep, we are feeding a giraffe. We were all very impressed.Daddy seems awfully friendly with this cow-looking animal.

I had told Noah about the zebra bus for several days, so it was probably his favorite thing on the safari. If you ask him what he saw he'll tell you "zebwa bus".

So, you can drive your own car through the safari if you want to, but there are a lot of deer and cow-type things with big horns and antlers. I don't think they'd do too well with the sides of your car! There were so many different types of animals in the safari!

Almost all the continents were represented, I couldn't believe it. The carnivorous animals were kept separately though. I guess the giant Liger (lion daddy, tiger mommy) might eat the giraffe.

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